Thank you 2018

Hi everyone! It’s been a while! Happy New Year!

2018 was quite the year. Sure, it was difficult and threw so many twists and turns – but ultimately, it was a year of blessings and lessons. It taught me that I can conquer litereally any obstacle that is in my way. Nothing is ‘bad’ forever. This is something that I already knew but to have it reaffirmed and to prove it to myself time and time again is such an amazing way to keep myself and others around me equipped for turning negatives into positives. I’m a strong believer in the Universe and I am grateful for everything that took place in my life in 2018.

2018 gave me a beautiful, healthy, smart baby girl. It gave my family the gift of being together. My husband and step-son were granted Permanent Residency in Canada. It provided an amazing job opportunity for my husband. It provided me with the mentality and motivation to start my own business. It provided so many resources to get my son the help he needed (still a work in progress). It provided new friends. It provided me with the opportunity to fix my relationship with my Dad. It kept my family afloat financially on a single income for most of the year. It taught me what I do and what I don’t want. It taught me that I don’t have to tolerate anything or anyone that doesn’t or won’t benefit me or contribute to my happiness and health. It taught me that I can finish a book (given that it is a topic I am passionate about).This is a big one; It taught me how important self-care is. No matter how busy your life gets, take care of YOU first. I also learned that I really love bath bombs and I should’ve tried them way sooner!

I can go on and on about all of the blessings that I received in 2018 because they are plenty. But, my point here is that instead of focusing on the negatives and what seems like hundreds of trials that I was faced with in 2018 – I was able to overcome all of it. Now, I will be carrying that energy with me all the way through 2019 and I do believe that with this attitude that I will be crushing goals left, right and center. Maybe it sounds cliche, but 2019 is my vehicle to greatness. Let me say that again. 2019 is my vehicle to greatness! I believe it and i’m ready to make this my most productive and successful year yet. I’m sharing this as a way to hold myself accountable (insert winky face here) and it wouldn’t hurt if I happened to inspire anyone to do the same.

So, thank you Universe. Thank you for 2018 – the good and the bad.

I’m ready to rock 2019.

Yours truly,



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